Disposable Chopsticks Wall-scroll

What do you do with those disposable bamboo chopsticks that they give you with your meal when you go out to eat at an Asian restaurant? Do you throw them away? Stuff them in a drawer somewhere? I imagine most people do.
Recently, someone gave me a a whole bag of disposable chopsticks…still in the wrappers. I saved them because I figured I would find a use for them. So far I have used some of them for cleaning out hard to reach places, mixing paint and Christmas crafts.
Today I thought of another use for them…decorative scrolls! šŸ™‚
First, I took an old dress that I was saving for just this sort of project.
Then I cut it into the approximate size and shape of a small scroll.
I got out some black fabric paint and my paint brushes.
I painted a simple bamboo design…If you are not the greatest artist (hehe…me) then you can print a template off the internet to use for your design.
Here is my painting…very simple as you can see.
Next, I sewed the seams up then folded it over to make a place for the chopsticks.
And here it is. Now to find a nice place for it. šŸ™‚
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