Simple Frugal Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

Seems like just yesterday I still had Christmas decorations up! Oh wait…It was only yesterday that I still had Christmas decorations up.

I know.

But, it was only upstairs…I promise…the downstairs areas were Christmas decor free!

OK, now that I got that off of my chest, on to something for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

This is an inexpensive centerpiece that’s super easy to make.

I bought three 8″ glass candles from the Dollar Tree and one fuzzy flower bush (OK, so I don’t know what kind of flower it was supposed to be, but it looked cool…AND it was red).

I covered the glass candles with burlap squares and tied on white ribbon with the flower inside. See?? Super simple. 🙂

This project cost $4.65 total for the candles, ribbon and flowers!

Happy Valentines Day!