Owl Cupcakes

The summer has really flown by! As much as I love summer, I’m ready for my favorite season: fall! If only it wasn’t followed by winter! πŸ˜€

These little owl cupcakes look perfect for a fall party! They are really easy to assemble, too! πŸ™‚

You will need:

Cupcakes – any flavor you prefer (I choose orange butter cake)

Oreos (or Oreo style cream filled cookies)

Frosting (I used a standard chocolate)

Reese’s pieces

Frost your cupcakes with a thick layer

Separate the cookies. Try to keep the cream in the center intact.

Place the cookies on the cupcake center, cream side up

Cut the cookie pieces with no cream in half. I found it easiest to gently saw it with a small serrated knife. This keeps the cookie from shattering.

Place the cut cookie pieces at an angle above the cream filled cookie, rounded side out.

Stick the brown Reese’s pieces in the center of the cream for eyes (I used a bit of frosting on the bottom so they would stick). Place Β the orange and yellow Reese’s vertically Β for the nose.

Now go surprise your kids with some cute little owls!

I’ll be joining these fun parties:
Cast Party Wednesday

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

In The Old Road

6 thoughts on “Owl Cupcakes

  1. Cute! I love fall, too. But I don’t think you know what winter really means. You should come up here in the winter, you seem to have forgotten how good yours is, compared to ours!!! Love your posts.

    • Thanks Aunt Jodi! πŸ™‚ Haha, you’re right…can’t complain about these winters here! I remember enough of the Northern winters to pass on going up there for one, lol! I do remember some good winter times up there…One was at your house, looking out the window at the falling snow and your Amish neighbors driving by on a sleigh…very cozy memory! Miss you Aunt Jodi! πŸ™‚

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