Cowboy Mashed Potatoes

Living in a house full of boys, there are always superheros, various Star Wars characters and (of course) cowboys underfoot. My three-year-old is especially fond of playing cowboys. His little Fisher Price farm set has a little farmer with it that Happy 3 insists is a cowboy.

Happy 3 is also the most picky eater of all my boys. Most of my kids will gobble down vegetables as fast as I can set them on the table…but not Happy 3. He needs a little more convincing.

So tonight we are having mashed potatoes “cowboy” style. I am hoping that the combination of his beloved mashed potatoes combined with some vegetables and a slightly spicy kick will rope him in. πŸ˜‰ I think my husband is sold…I’ve had to chase him away a couple of times…after all, we need some to be left in the bowl for when the chicken is finally done and it is time for the food to be placed on the table!

Anyway, you will need:

15 – 16 medium potatoes

1 cup carrots (cut very thin…matchsticks)

1 onion, minced

1/2 cup butter

10-15 slices of pickled jalapenos (I used 28 slices…we all like a little more ‘kick’)

1 cup shredded cheese (I used a mix of cheddar and mozzarella)

8 oz. corn

3-5 minced garlic cloves

salt and pepper to taste

Peel, cut and boil your potatoes as you normally would for mashed potatoes. Saute the garlic, onion, carrots and jalapenos in a little oil.

Place butter in the bowl you will be mixing the potatoes in

Pour the (hot) boiled potatoes over the butter and mix (mash)

Add the corn to the sauteed mixture and saute a few minutes longer

Add the sauteed mixture to the potatoes and mix

Then mix in the cheese and serve

And in the words of my husband “Yee Haw!! Let’s eat!!” Β πŸ˜‰

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7 thoughts on “Cowboy Mashed Potatoes

  1. Oh! YUM!!!! These look so good. I love mashed potatoes. I need to give this a try. Jalapenos!?!?! So awesome! Never would have thought to add them myself. πŸ™‚

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