The Prettiest Bird Churches Ever

On Easter Sunday we spent the day with our church family. After the service there were lots of fun activities for everyone to participate in. Three of my five children painted bird houses…I mean bird churches. After all, (according to the 7 and 6 year-old) even birds need a church to go to. 🙂

This pretty one was painted by Happy Q, my seven-year-old.

He said the egg was so that the birds would come and lay their eggs in the little house and he would be able to see the babies when they hatch.

Happy K, my six-year-old, painted this one pink because he thought I would like it. I like it very much! 🙂

He added the cross so the birds would know it was their church.

Little Happy H, my three-year-old had some assistance with the painting, but according to him  “I did it all by myself!”

He was so excited to tell me about all the things he did to make such a cute little bird house.

I think they all did a wonderful job!  🙂

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