Zesty Tuna Patties

Need a frugal, healthy meal in a hurry? These zesty tuna patties fit the bill!

You will need:

Four 5oz cans tuna, drained

4oz cracker crumbs or breadcrumbs (one sleeve of saltines)

1 medium pepper, diced

1 medium onion, diced

1 tsp minced garlic cloves

2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1/3 cup parmesan cheese

4 eggs

First lightly sautee the onion and pepper. Add in the minced garlic and cook a few seconds longer.

Mix the cracker crumbs, parmesan cheese, and dry spices together until well blended.

Add in all other ingredients.

Mix well…until it looks like a paste.

Shape into patties and fry a little oil. Be sure and flip it halfway through. They will be golden brown on both sides when done.

Serve with rolls and veggies and you have a quick, healthy meal!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Zesty Tuna Patties

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  2. Your tuna cakes look great. I make them, but I have never added the flavorful things like parm, garlic and cayenne pepper. I can’t wait to try this next time I make them. Sometimes we put the tuna patties on a bun with tartar sauce and a few spinach leaves for something different. Anyway, thanks for the great idea.

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