Spring Bird’s Nest Candies

Earlier this winter I found this recipe for Bird’s Nest Candies and decided this would  be a cute treat for my kids this Spring. This recipe is really easy and would be great for an Easter party!

You will need:

3 c. mini marshmallows

3 TBSP  butter

1 tsp vanilla

4 c. dry chow mein noodles

12 oz. chocolate chips

small egg-shaped candies, jelly beans, m & m’s, etc.

First melt the butter and marshmallows on medium heat, stirring frequently.

After the marshmallows and butter are melted, add the vanilla.

Continue stirring on medium heat for about  30 seconds

Stir in chow mien noodles until coated with marshmallow mixture.

Add in chocolate chips while mixture is still hot, until chocolate chips melt.

The mixture should look like a strange, goopy mess. When the mixture is cool enough to handle, shape into nests. Be sure not to let it cool too much, or it will harden and you won’t be able to shape it. I found it helpful to pour the mixture out on a separate cookie sheet, grab pieces and shape them and place onto a separate cookie sheet. top with your egg-shaped candies.

After they harden, serve and enjoy! 🙂

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