White Willow Snow Wreath

 I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I am trying to get back into things and catch up on reading everyone’s blogs. I’m so excited to see everyone’s Christmas ideas! Definitely one of my favorite things! 🙂

Last year I decorated every room in my house…even the bathroom! This year I decided on a more simple, laid back approach…I also didn’t want to spend very much, hehe.

This wreath idea popped into my head and I was most of the way finished by the time I thought to take pictures.
It was pretty easy, though. First I collected willow branches and wired them together in a wreath shape with standard florist wire. Then I spray painted it white.

I added snowflake ornaments that I bought a few years ago at the Dollar Tree and tied white berry picks on with strips of knit cloth.
I found a snowman wall hanging  in my decorations box and added it to the wreath.

This wreath definitely makes me think of snow! Plus I can leave it up after Christmas! I hope to have my mantle and tree pics up before too long, so stay tuned!

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9 thoughts on “White Willow Snow Wreath

  1. I LOVE this!!!! A season wreath!!! If you don't mind I'm gonna post it on my FB page for friends to see!!!I'll be making one, too! Adorable!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!xo~Kolein

  2. I can't believe you decorated every room in your house for christmas! you are more woman than I 🙂 This wreath is beautiful! I'm amazed that you made it from actual branches and didn't just buy a stock wreath at the store :)Looks beautiful!

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