Cute Canisters!

Everything has finally settled into a routine again here after our big trip. I haven’t really had a lot of opportunities to go looking for thrifty finds, but I would like to share something I found at a Goodwill in Houston, TX.

A cute canister set! I wasn’t really looking for canisters but just loved these when I saw them!

Here is the large canister.

I love the little pagoda on the lid.

The medium canister.

The lid looks like a little roof.

The small canister.

Each one had the Winterthur stamp on the bottom.

I could usually pass on canisters, but these…lovely! :o)

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16 thoughts on “Cute Canisters!

  1. Hi Michele…you are so sweet to join my party, I know how crazy it is after vaca…going through it myself…plus now have my in-laws here for the weekend. I adore your canisters…very sweet looking and so different. I have to go check out your giveaway…this is a good one! Have a great weekend. Debbie

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