Inexpensive Easy Greenery

A few months ago we built a dog run for our very large, sweet, furry family member to play in. The part of the yard that we decided on had a couple of plants that I wanted to rescue. One of the plants  was an Autumn Joy sedum plant. Not only are they green year round…in the Autumn they bloom a beautiful burgundy color. They are so easy to start, too.  Here is an idea for a little indoor, easy maintenance greenery:

First pick a cutting that has several layers of leaves.

Pull off  a couple of layers of the leaves to expose  the nodes.

Place a single layer of smooth stones in a wide vase or jar. Stand the plant up in the middle and carefully layers rocks around to hold it up straight. Add water.

After a few weeks your sedum will develop a root system. This is my plant after a few months. It is healthy and has very little maintenance. It doesn’t need a lot of light either. Mine is in a room on a table with the blinds closed most of the time. Just make sure it has water. Also, it’s a good idea to clean the rocks and change the water once a month.
If you want to plant these outside just bury the plant’s nodes in potting soil and water as needed. They are drought resistant and thrive in full sun.

Here are some of my outdoor sedum plants. They are getting ready to bloom! I planted these only two months ago! The cool thing is that you can keep taking starts and fill a garden or line a walkway for free.

It’s so easy a child can do it which comes in handy when you are teaching your children about plants and root systems! :o)

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