My Cloche

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! We are mostly relaxing and spending time with family. Maybe we will take in the local fireworks display tomorrow. :o)

Today I have something to share that is by no means a new idea. Here is my version of a cloche that fits with my tropical/Asian decor.

First, I found a couple of candle holders at a thrift store for .25 cents apiece.

I also found an old cheese dome for under $3.
I took the little feet off the bottom of the cheese dome.
I spray painted the candle holder and the bottom of the cheese dome.
I flipped the candle holder over and glued the bottom of it to the bottom of the cheese dome. I prefer my hot glue gun as opposed to other types of glue. It adheres well and there is very little wait time while it sets up. I’m just not that patient. 😉
Next, I glued some heavy twine around the outer edges.
All finished! That’s my version of a cloche. I don’t think I’ll keep the little birds in there long, but for now they work for me.
Have a great Fourth of July!!! :o)
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8 thoughts on “My Cloche

  1. How clever was that? Very!!~ Loving that yellow too, I think I have used it before lol!!~ Thanks for joining in on the party Michelle…enjoy some more…enjoy the Holiday, and be safe!!~ Debbie

  2. how timely! i am doing a cloche post tomorrow-i finally found one!! i love what you did with the twine, that is a new idea. good for you!thank you so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment about my freebies! that vase was my favorite find.

  3. Okay. I totally think that's the cutest thing. I really love your idea. Thank you so much for sharing it. Now I'll be keeping a look out for something like that for me to do. It turned out so sweet. Have a great day,Susan

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