Glidden Paint Testers

What could be better than paint for a project? FREE PAINT!!

I like to watch forums such as A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World for special deals. Glidden has had several promotional offers where they have given away free paint. In the last 2 offers they gave away enough paint for me to repaint my entire kitchen (OK, so it’s a small kitchen…). This time they gave away two testers.

I am totally sold on Glidden paint. It has great coverage and goes a lot farther.

Here is what I did with my testers:

My husband found this old breadbox at Goodwill for $4. After some major cleaning and some light sanding, I used my tester colors on it. I chose True Turquoise for the outside and Arctic Blue for the door.

Here it is now:

A lot of coverage from those tiny bottles. I still have a little paint left over! What would you do with free paint?

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8 thoughts on “Glidden Paint Testers

  1. How cool is it that you and I posted about our Goodwill bread boxes on the same day…bahahaha! I am thinking I like your's better than mine…I love the colors you painted it…woot woot for free paint! The possibilites are endless on what I'd do with it…next time this deal is available will you put a bug in my ear? I'd love to try some of their paint! Good job my friend!

  2. Thanks Robyn! I'm such a doofus sometimes! I never even thought to post about this deal. If I come across anything else like this I will be sure to post it for everyone!

  3. Michelle, You truly are a creative thrifter! I read through some of your older posts and you have transformed a lot of things so well. Your porch looks really great. The shutter table the hubs made you is so nice. My next house will definitely have a porch or two to decorate. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.~ Sue

  4. I'm sure I could something to do with this FREE paint! I have seen this FREE paint, but I just have not taken the time to get some…looks like I need to:) Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!Blessings,Linda

  5. Oh Michelle that is so fun…I love that color. I want to thank you also for putting out a shout out regarding the Oprah gig. I feel so lucky and blessed to have virtually met all the nice gals out here that I have…maybe we can have you all on the show…that would be so cool!!~

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