Gitter Done – Redo the Porch!

Edited Post: Donna from Funky Junk Interiors has asked us to share our favorite projects. I would have to say that this one is my favorite right now. 🙂 I first posted this on Donna’s Gitter Done project…now, Linking this to:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Lately, this (below) has been the view of my porch:
That’s right a fold up table, a chair and an old beat up Tonka truck.
Here’s my mailbox…looking a little sad.
I’ve been planning to do something about this for a while, but just couldn’t get motivated. Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors offered just the push I needed.Today she is hosting a day for getting things done!

FJI's Gitter Done! challenge

So, here is what I’ve been up to:
My porch now! Here are the details:
One of my brothers gave me this glider rocker.
A bit worn out…so I spray painted it black and made some new pillows for the back. 
I spray painted my mailbox black, and look…there’s my tropical birhouse!
Here’s my rope lamp on a shelf full of trinkets.
I made a new cushion and pillow for the wicker chair.
A cozy little table to eat breakfast at in the mornings! And no, that is not a hole in my lamp (as my husband suggested) it is a decorative ribbon that I will probably remove. I just don’t feel like re-taking the photos. 😉
Another view. 🙂
OK…Here comes my favorite part!!!
Can you guess what this is? Well…it’s made out of these shutters…
It’s my beautiful new table made for me by my Sweet (and talented) Husband! Isn’t it lovely?! A couple of months ago, a really awesome neighbor crawled under her house and pulled some lovely shutters (a whole stack!). She gave them to me (so generous and sweet)! My husband took one set and made this table for me! =D
He left it so the slats could still open. His explanation was that if there were crumbs on top you could open the slats and let the crumbs fall through. 😉
My new table is a great place to have a cup of tea! 
Here’s a little candle I spruced up to put on my new table.
Ah, my table…
Umm…anyway, here are some more shots of my porch:
I love my new porch! Thanks, Donna for the little push that I needed to “Gitter Done”!
And thanks for stopping by

16 thoughts on “Gitter Done – Redo the Porch!

  1. Oh my GOODNESS! You totally grasped the premis of what GD is all about. Having one focus and going for it! Look at the final reward! I know how much work it takes to get there, but now you can go and ENJOY it. You've created a beautiful little oasis. Wildly clapping for you!Thanks for linking up to GD!Donna

  2. Hi Michelle! I love what you have done. It turned out so good. You will have such a great time too decorating it for the different holidays. I can see it now. What a great space to sit and enjoy Ice tea, or even take a nap! woohoo.Great post. I love your blog too it is wonderful!Blessings,Debbie

  3. This is fabulous! I've been working on re-doing my porch for weeks, but with 3 kids the going is slow. Lol! I love the curtains! I keep fiddling with the idea of curtains on my porch, but it feels like it would be impossible to upkeep. Is it? I just love what fabric does to any room, and yes, I think of my porch as another "room" when it comes to decorating 🙂 Thanks for sharing, you did a great job!

  4. (((((((Michelle))))))) I missed you my friend! Fix me a cup of coffee I'll be right over to sit with you on your new awesome porch! I'm totally impressed with your talent! My love to you! Robyn @

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