Our Trip to Amish Country

Yay! I’m back!! Did you wonder where I was? Probably not…but that’s OK, I missed you anyway. 😉

This last week my family had the opportunity to go and visit with my relatives in Ohio.I lived part of my life out in Amish country and have relatives who live and work very closely with the Amish.

Our trip was a wonderful experience for the whole family. I have a very large extended family up there and some relatives from other states came up this weekend also. It was like a big family reunion!

Not only did we enjoy the fellowship and company of my relatives, we also got to see some of the sites. This was especially interesting for my husband who has never been around the Amish before.

Here are a few pictures from our trip:
Cozy looking Amish houses

Some Amish buggys
Close-up of a buggy
A couple of Amish kids pulling a wagon up a steep hill
Amish teens and “Englishers” hanging out together in the Mesopotamia square
As a child I spent a lot of time here. My mom would take us to get penny candies and buy her bulk foods. You can still buy both here today. My boys each had a great time picking out $1 worth of penny candies! 
An Amish couple heading into the Commons to buy supplies
This old guy has been a fixture at the Commons since I was a kid. He used to talk, but sadly he no longer works.
Inside the End of the Commons (sorry, it’s a bit blurry…but you get the idea)
Great pottery! Crocks and jugs for everyday use
Amish dolls
Lots of Amish hats for the guys. The three older boys had to try them on
 My uncle was an excellent tour guide. He took us to some of the lesser known (non-tourist) spots. Little stores and shops that primarily only the Amish go to. It was nice to get to talk with one of the ladies in one of the stores we visited. Sorry, out of respect for the Amish  there are no pictures of this part of my trip. 
Very large wooden horse and buggy. The horse alone is 15 feet high and 12 feet long
The boys wanted to climb on it
It was a lot of fun seeing the familiar areas and showing my husband the places I frequented as a child, but the thing we enjoyed the most was our visit with my family members!! :o)

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2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Amish Country

  1. Loves it! And yes actually I did wonder where you where…so there!~~:) Gotta love the Amish…they are so talented and lead such a simple life…and everything they do is to perfection…well I think so anyway. Beautiful pics…beautiful family, thanks for sharing.

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