Beachy Hanging Candle Holder

It’s that time of year (Spring…Yay!). OK…well, almost. I look out at my front porch and realize how neglected it has been throughout winter. Since it’s still too cold to tackle any of the big projects I have in mind, I’ll start small.

First, I took a picture frame from the dollar store (an old frame would work too), and drilled four holes in the middle of each side.

Then I took an old horseradish jar and glued it to the glass from the frame with a hot glue gun.

I also removed the stand for the frame (is there another word for that?).

Put the frame back together the way it came…except now there is a jar on the front. Pull twine or ribbon through the holes and tie them in nice sturdy knots.

Tie the top together with two knots to make a loop to hang on the hook.

(Please disregard the beads on the jar in the picture..hehe…changed my mind on those!)
OK, I ended up painting the frame white. I guess that would have been easier in the beginning, but I had trouble deciding how I wanted this to look.
I ended up with this.

I sanded it a little to get a little bit of a distressed look.

Then I glued on a few seashells.

I also glued a white ribbon and a seashell on the jar.

It still needed something…my husband suggested colored water and I liked the idea. So I added seafoam green water and a tea light.

Here is my little helper.

Another picture of the candle holder.

Thanks for stopping by! :o)
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10 thoughts on “Beachy Hanging Candle Holder

  1. Oh what an awesome idea! I can just see hanging several of these around my porch, and sitting on the swing with my hubby on a candlelit warm summer evening. What a dream! 😉

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